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John Henry Petroleum’s Innovative History

December 15, 2016
John Henry Petroleum (JHP) has been among the most forward-thinking oil and gas companies in the world ever since two oil and gas executives founded the company in 1995. They founded the company because of their keen sense of innovation because they wanted to move their industry forward. Understanding how to use the technologies available to improve exploration and make production more efficient has prepared the company for a very secure future.

John Henry Petroleum was designed to make everyone more profitable. They learned how to use newly developed technologies, such as 3D seismic imaging, new deviated and horizontal drilling technologies to make everything better. When they pushed innovation to the top of the agenda, JHP placed themselves into the enviable position of being able to overcome risks and increase profits. It is their entrepreneurial spirit that has made John Henry Petroleum successful. Their focus on efficient exploration has provided them with a large inventory of proven oil and gas reserves, which means they have an excellent future to look forward to.