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John Henry Petroleum -- Technology

March 29, 2016
When John Henry Petroleum was established in 1995, it was formed from passion, desire and enthusiasm for the booming gas and oil industry -- an industry that two former executives knew quite well already. The Texas company, however, quickly found its footing in technology, a segment that swiftly became the cornerstone for JHP’s business strategy across its 20-year history.

In their endeavors to identify petroleum opportunities as early as possible, securing them with the same vigor, John Henry leadership placed a significant emphasis on technology and new advancements within the industry. The search for gas and oil, after all, is significantly aided by technology and innovation. By taking innovative approaches to technology within the gas and oil field, JHP has discovered the ability to maximize the value of its properties by increasing its production and reserves while controlling costs.

The return on investment coupled with keen advantages in exploration and dicsovery make technology a valuable asset for JHP. From industry specific applications and approaches to unique software -- from what is already being used to the possibilities that lie ahead -- innovations continue to make this industry, among others, applicable today and into the future.