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John Henry Petroleum Finds the Liquid Gold

September 20, 2016
Since two former oil and gas executives founded the company in 1995 as an independent exploration and production company, John Henry Petroleum has been a leader in the oil and gas industry. JHP was created to move the industry move forward much faster. That’s because the company’s founders believed that to be the key to greater profitability.

By placing innovation and discovery at the top of the John Henry Petroleum business model, they are uniquely able to undertake and overcome risks and increase their possible reward. Over the years, JHP has been able to generate strong and steady growth in both net production volumes and in net proved reserves, while they have been able to both increase production and keep costs under control.

Their methods for exploring and extracting oil and natural gas increase their ability to make money through focused drilling in only the most prolific areas in the prospect inventory in their project portfolio. That makes their future look very bright indeed. John Henry Petroleum has a unique ability to leverage their inventory to make them successful for years.