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Improving the Oil and Natural Gas Industry, John Henry Petroleum

June 16, 2016
There are many industries that have a reputation for being outdated or stagnant when it comes to updating their processes and practices. When one thinks of the oil industry, it does fall into that category of being an industry that utilizes very little technology. The oil industry has been around for centuries and because of that it can often get the reputation of never improving. But when one looks at John Henry Petroleum, they can see quite the opposite. John Henry Petroleum maximizes the use of the top technologies in the oil and natural gas field in order to raise efficiency and quality. They work tirelessly to innovate new ways of oil and natural gas exploration as well as new methods for utilization of the discovered materials.

John Henry Petroleum was founded in 1995. From the start, they set out to take a new innovative approach to the oil and natural gas industry. To date, John Henry Petroleum's data acquisition approach has generated significant growth in net proven reserves and net production volumes. The efforts they have made thus far have already proven to be effective and therefore is setting them apart from their competitors due to their innovation and technological savvy. They are forging a new way for their industry. John Henry Petroleum has found new ways to pin point locations that provide the highest-grade of materials. They have plans to continue to monetize this value that they have discovered through the focused drilling of the highest-grade locations in its prospect inventory as well as through the sales of interests in certain prospects.